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Originally posted by Jack Moroney
I don't want to stir things up too much, but there really is no such thing as a benign environment and while I agree that fire, shelter, water, and food are all critical the priority in which you go about obtaining (creating) them are environmentally dependent and you can make an argument for which one rises to the top. I guess the bottom line here is that your first priority after "drop off" for me would be to make an immediate assessment of where I am and what the "benign" environment presents. While I am relatively sure in this situation my first priority would be to find something that would shelter me from the most likely environmental challenges for the night, my next would be to gather enough wood and get a fire going to announce my presence in case folks were starting to look for my sorry butt even though I was dumb enought to get isolated in the first place. Now I am sure you can also argue that a fire would be your first priority, but if you have arrived as you have mentioned without matches or the good old Zippo we all used to carry I am not sure I would want to strip off my boot laces and start trying to create a fire with a bow and block only to have night time fall and still be sitting out in a rainstorm and dealing with hypothermia overnight. So to make a long story short a lot is scenario dependent and you really have to understand where you are, what is around you, what the impending challenges are and then proceed from there. Just a thought.

Jack Moroney
My intent here was to spur a little discussion about survival gear without having people prepare an extensive list to include weapons and implements of destruction to defend themselves against the Waffen SS, VC, Indians, lions, tigers, or bears.

Sir, I consider the area around Ft. Bragg and CMK to be pretty benign, and described it as an example. There are no real enemy threats, nor are there very many large predators that would seek out and attack a fully grown human. The environment here is such that there are relatively few days per year with climatic extremes that would kill a healthy adult individual with the ability to make expedient shelter and fire. I was dropped off by Badin Lake for the survival portion of the SFQC and managed quite well for five days with very few tools. I know what I took, think I know what I would need to extend the time, and would like to see what others thought, perhaps teaching a bit and learning something in the process. I chose 60 days because the average person could probably just build an expedient shelter and lay up for a month without hunting or gathering much.

My question was multi part starting with:

What are the Minimum tools and equipment you need to survive for 60 days in this environment? You tell me. If you need a Zippo and think that one would be adequate to support you for starting fires for 60 days in that environment, fine.

You seem to be indicating shelter would be your first priority after arriving, assessing, and taking stock of the situation, followed by fire.


Sorry to have confused you.

Are you indicating that you consdider the clothes you have on and your glasses are adequate to survive in the woods for 60 days without support? Hope it isn't overcast or night time already. What will you cut with?

Water, fire, shelter, food as priorities could be juggled due to exigencies, as JM indicated. Now what tools do you use to acquire and prepare them? In this scenario, an axe or a machete might be an adequate edged item. Without additional fuel sources, I would pass on the Zippo. The BIC or a Blastmatch might be a better choice for me.

I have already learned that I had forgotten salt, and the extraordinary value it had in the past years. Thanks GH.

I use black 550 cord for my bootlaces, that should be enough cordage for my initial requirements, and more could be found in the wild.

What/why would you need to sew, though I grant that some monofilament line, a couple of manufactured needles and hooks could be very handy, and would take up very little space?

Anyone who feels that this thread is not productive, or the scenario is too vague feel free to disregard it or in the admins' case, delete this thread.

Just trying to generate some thought and education here.

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