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Sorry. I was looking through my fishing gear and thought I'd do some trolling.

With the recent fade of the Phillies, it appears that the NL Central and both Wests are the only interesting fights left.

In the AL West, I always expected Houston to get better once they got healthier. Seattle's fade is a bit sad, since they looked good for a while. I suppose I can allow myself to no longer actively root against Oakland, now, since they DFA'd their pizza-delivery person assaulting Colin Kaepernick-wannabe catcher. Although Oakland is still in the Bay Area, so they've got that going against them.

I honestly don't care about any of the teams in the NL West, although I remain annoyed that whenever MLB network has any late evening or West Coast coverage, it's always the Dodgers or Giants.

As between the Cardinals and the Cubs, Im' rooting for the Brewers. It's a bit of rooting for the underdog, but also I'm a fan of Christian Yelich. He seems like good kid.
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