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Originally Posted by tom kelly View Post
The stands look empty at all most all of the games on TV. AMERICA'S PAST TIME HAS PASSED.TK
I don't think its time has passed; some areas with certain teams/markets, this will always be so. But one thing that I believe has hurt the fan base (and they will show it in return by not going to games or buying merch) is that most of the televised game slots were sold off to MLBN, and other channels that are a premium fee unless someone has already decided that Platinum package is what they have to have (some of whom are in need of less couch, more PT). So someone who may go to a couple games a year - and as you say, for most that'$$$ a big deal, a vacation-like expense - can't follow the team on TV without genuflecting to the MLBN cartel.

I enjoy watching the Cubs when I can but most of those opportunities relate to them playing Milwaukee, where the Fox station up here covers them ALWAYS. Having an HF station & a long piece of wire the most common method here is old-fashioned AM radio while doing something else if I'm in the house. But the selling off of games to MLBN's near monopoly has not made any friends.
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