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Originally Posted by Tyrant View Post
Gotcha. For most deployments, we roll with a rolling weapons bin that we put in the ISU first then load it up with all the big weapons and any other small stuff thats leftover. Assigned weapons go into individual pelican cases which get stacked on the bin. Excess sights and optics go in a pelican case and they get bubble wrapped. Same thing for a deployment when we dont take an ISU, we just take all the individual pelican cases but leave the rolling bin because we dont usually take the big guns on those trips.
One of those M4/M16 pelican cases you had in the first post, showed up in the team room before the last deployment and DID NOT like them. Guys had to move their sights around to make them fit, weapons bumped up against each other in transit, undergun lights fell off the weapons in transit and it took up WAY too much room in the ISU and we couldnt even use it when we got there. The weapons bin at least served as a storage bin when we unloaded it.
Im not saying it sucks but we gave it back to supply when we got back.
Thanks for for post on the Pelican M4 box, 472-M4-M16-12 Rifle Case, the first one I post. Looks good, but like you said. If user had to remove all your bells & whistles, the sucks.

The JobBox is one we are looking at. I got those for the Charlie Committee when I was there. Durable, rolling, strong, heavy is the only bad thing.

I like the 1700 boxes, but current Bravos don't like having do many boxes. I think if is paperwork driven. " I go from 4 boxes to 17 or 20."

We have these Kobalt Tool Chest each section minus the Intel. These are sweet and worked great for or last trip.

No I don't want to use Tuff Boxes for weapons.

For our Big Weapons we have made done our of wood. But with our M4s it's all the attachments; bells & whistles with no "protection".

TR.. Yeah Pelican bought out Hardigg-Storm. You know, you get rid of your competitors.

Thanks... Keep the commits coming.
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