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My wife and I recently returned from and week and a half camping in SE WY. SGT son was able to join us for a couple of days after his annual training down at Ft. Carson. One afternoon he and I decided to try our hand and fire starting with the methods that we regularly carry in our pockets or packs (except the BICs and matches).

SGT son frustrated himself with a mag-block and ferro rod. I didn’t even try because it was too windy. I frustrated myself by trying the use the magnifying glass on my Type 15 compass. I tried note paper, tissue paper, lint, ants, and dead, dry, pine needles. No joy. The only char marks were on the pine needles. (Not sure about the ants, because they ran away screaming.)

My son was successful with char-cloth and a “bird’s nest” of dry grass and char-cloth with a bird’s nest of jute. Also, he found a cigarette butt and started the fluffed up filter with the ferro rod. I was successful with my EDC Swedish Fire Starter and dryer lint in pine needles and SFS with pine needles and EDC hand sanitizer (packet). Obviously, the hand sanitizer was the easiest and best.

The char-cloth my son used was mine and is made and carried in an Altoid can that I punched a hole in for charring. I also carry my mag-block and a couple of inches of jute in the can. I have made char-cord using the jute, but did not have any with me this trip.

A good time was had by all! (Except the ants.)

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