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Old thread Gall Bladder issues.

The search button certainly is my friend found this thread regarding gall bladder issues. From Friday at 1700 till Monday morning and 0400 the wife and I made two trips to the ER. 1 hour after eating on Friday I started to develop a very bloated feeling just below my rib cage. At first I thought perhaps I had just eaten too many leftovers from the day before. The bloated feeling turned to pain and the pain would migrate to the middle of my back about mid spine. I let this go on for about 4 hours before telling the wife that we should probably go to the hospital. I have dealt with pain in the past and I donít deal with it too well. This pain was very intense and radiated over a large area.

The receptionist in the ER took one look at me and said you need to see somebody right away donít you? I said yes and they wasted no time in getting me to the clinic. Their first thought was that I was having a heart attack, I had a mild heart attack five years ago trust me when I say this pain was 1000 times worse. My blood pressure spiked at 148 over 91 and eventually hit 160 over something. It took a shot of Dilaudid and about 5 minutes before the nurse could get an EKG I was a little wound up. The EKG was fine so they ordered a CT scan of my chest.
What they discovered through the CT was that I had a very large gallstone which seemed to be moving around and at times causing me a great deal of discomfort. According to the Dr. my gall bladder looked normal except for this gallstone. They would not commit to say the gallstone was my problem as I had never had an issue with my gall bladder before. They had me drink some sort of chalky cocktail I have no idea what it wants but the idea was to relieve the bloating. I do not know if it helped but it certainly did not hurt. They sent me home with some sort of painkillers and suggested that I come back if it continues to cause problems.

In a little less than 48 hours my pain came back this time it was a lot worse a lot faster. Back to the ER we went. As they were pretty sure that I was not having a heart attack I didnít get into the clinic quite as fast as on Friday. Again that they gave me the cocktail and a shot of Dilaudid. Eventually I did a consult with a surgeon. They would not remove my gall bladder at that time as it was not an emergency. They called it an elective surgery, now when I hear the word elective used in conjunction with surgery I think boob job or face lift something of that nature. But the Doc dialed me in as to what it meant and it all made sense after that. My gall bladder will be removed sometime within the next 2 to 3 weeks. It has been suggested that I start following a bland diet. My question to any of you that have had their gall bladder removed is, how long did it take following the surgery to get back to a normal diet? Do you still continue to enjoy an occasional greasy meal? Thank you in advance for your feedback and advise.
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