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LaRue MBT Christmas Sale !!

$87 each through Christmas !!

We introduced our MBT in early 2015 at $250 each. Then made some efficiency changes that made that amount way more than our profit model called for. So we came down to $200. Then consolidated the whole trigger shop into one large trigger hall https://www.*******.com/watch?v=t9JXffvZ74k But that proved so efficient, we added the "I can wait price of $125", then we made more ergonomic changes in-house that smoothed through-put even more, so we had the $99 MBT sale. That got us somewhere past the 40,000th MBT trigger made, sold, or installed in LaRue rifles. "So Mark, what's with the $87 bucks?" Glad you asked. I want to ship the 50,000th MBT trigger before Christmas.

Enjoy the savings :-)
Mark LaRue
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