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During a barracks inspection, with BT, the Bn Exec and myself (I was the senior NCO in the barracks), Bt tried to bitch me out about the number of books that I had in my room and the fact that they were a fire hazzard. I reminded him of the amount of paperwork in Bn HQ and when he got rid of all of the paperwork I would get rid of my books. The Exo just stood there and grinned.

Then the Bn CO ame into my room with books under his arm, excused himself, placed the books back on the shelves, took some other books off of other shelves and then did some scribbling on a 3 X 5 index card on my desk. BT looked really confused. He had no idea what had just happened. The Exo looked at me and said, "Did that just happen?" I told him, "Yes, the Col. has his own library card." The Exo asked and was issued his own library card two minutes later.

BT was an abomination. CSM Pete G. always referred to BT as one of "McNamara's 40,000." A reference to alleged sub-standards that were allowed in the military to fill the ranks during Vietnam. Luckily I did not have to deal with Billy Lee much. He did always seem to stare at me whenever he saw me. That is until I made a reference to him, in front of a bunch of guys from his company, about him being gay and then he never even looked in my direction again.
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