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Let's see.....

"BT" - This one was for a particular CSM. The "B" was a reference for "boof", which is the sound that a .45 round would make when entering his chest cavity. The "T" stood for his name. I think "The Reaper" also has another nickname for him.

"Butthead" - He was a young kid that tried really hard but just did not seem to be all there. Previously he was SOCOM commander's driver an if the grapevine was correct his GT score was just a tick above SGM BT's, which was somewhere below that of a mentally defficient onion. While down range one time we had a team meeting and at the end of the meeting a new guy brought up the fact that we should not be calling this guy "Butthead", especially in public. The rest of the team seemed to be coming around to this line of thinking until "Butthead" piped in with, "But I like being called Butthead. It makes me feel like part of the team." There was no changing our mind after that.

"Spanky" - Tm Ldr. Overall good guy, I guess he looked a little too much like the character from "The Little Rascals."

"Wally the Wong" - (10th Group guys might remember this.) His genitalia was supposed to be so big that every time that he became excited all of the blood would rush from the rest of his body to his private area and because his member was so big, there was a decided lack of blood for the rest of his body, his brain in particular, and he would pass out. The whole thing was of course, just a joke. The truth behind this is that after drinking hard he would just pass out without any warning. The young ladies present would ask what had happened to him and the "Wally the Wong" story is what they were told. Oh, the fun that "Wally" and I had at DLI.

"Horse dick" - (Another 10th Group one) His member was that big and was damned proud of it. I could not count the number of times that he would show it off. Funniest guy in the world though. I spent a week with him in a spider hole during a StratRecon exercise and he kept me laughing continuously for that entire week.

"McWeeWee" - Tm Ldr whose member was that small and seemingly so was the amount of gray matter between his ears.
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