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The "Phantom"

We had a Lurp in B-36 named Harrahan who couldn't stand the fact that a leg LTC was assigned as the CO of the unit. This LTC showed up one day at 1600 hours and declared that he was going on the next recon mission.

Harrahan's team was going out at last light that night and Harrahan refused to take the LTC. The LTC demanded that Harrahan take him and said that he would relieve Harrahan if he didn't allow him to go. Harrahan told the LTC that if he was to go, that he would have to go as a rifleman because it was too late to allow the LTC to command the mission.

The mission was to go to an area west of Song Be and do a 5 day recon of the area. The jungle was too thick to land helicopters in, so the team would have to rappel in. The LTC, besides being a leg, had never rappelled before. As the team started their rappel, they started to take .51 caliber machinegun fire from the ground. All of the team started to tie off their rappel ropes except the LTC.
Because heb had never rappelled before, he went all the way to the jungle floor. The helicopter returned to Song Be and the fog came into the area where the LTC was located.

The only radio that the LTC had with him was an URC10 that a chopper dropped to him.

The LTC demanded that someone get him out. He was almost crying because he was so scared.

At midnight a voice came over the radio saying, " How does it feel to be all alone on the ground knowing that you aren't going to be rescued"?

The LTC asked, "Who is this"?

Harrahan would just answer, "It the PHANTOM"! and then laugh.

B-36 had a hotel in Vung Tau where they held after mission parties. It was traditional within the unit to offer a toast to whomever it was that had distinguished himself on mission. Harrahan got up and offered the following toast, "To the best damned soldier this unit has ever had... The LTC started to puff himself up...the PHANTOM".

The LTC transferred out within two days.

Harrahan was forever the PHANTOM.
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