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Originally Posted by frostfire View Post

For those who:
- Believe in not only knowing how to use the tool, but to know the tool itself "intimately."
- In SOF team that are still stuck with the reliable, accurate, but not so user-friendly* secondary
- Work/assigned as armorer

*I define user-friendly as how easy (effort and time required) to shoot the CSAT 5-spine-1-face under 3 seconds as compared to the Tupperware variant

Just don't steal my slot. See ya'll there
I put in for this as well. I was already selected for the PerSysMed Tactical 1st Aid for the Law Enforcement Officer Course (3/5) and NRA Terrorist Attack Tactics & Techniques Seminar (4/7), so hopefully that won't put me out of the running. These will be my first NRA tuition-free courses.

Anyone attending the above courses, let me know.
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