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Originally Posted by eightytwo View Post
Landslide, i'm fairly certain that i'm the dude you're talking about haha.

As for you SliperySquid and anyone else trying to take this path. Here's a little about what i went through:

1)contact SORB recruiter 2)Get the sfas physical done and all included paperwork. This step is going to be difficult and you may have to ask around. Even if your unit medical wont do the physical someone else can. 3)DD form 368 needs to be signed by your commander. My recruiter drafted one up that was worded a particular way that somehow permitted them to cut me TDY orders. For this one just PM me if you get this far and i'll dig it up to get you the verbage it took a couple of tries to get the navy what they wanted.

I'm sure that was all hard to understand, but its a lengthy process. PM me if you are going to go the TDY route. as for 18X i cant speak to it so i'd be no help.
I completed the physical already. 1st thing I did because it was a go/no go item.

Just got my early.out approved for dec 5. Waiting for recruiter to set up meps date.

I'm excited.
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