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Originally Posted by Ret10Echo View Post
Hope the story gets better. Good luck
was a recruiter

Originally Posted by CSB View Post
Let me ask you two questions that were asked of me when I interviewed for the
S[pecial] F[orces] O[fficer's] C[ourse] in front of the 7th SF Group Commander.
It was July 1975. His name was Colonel Norton.

This was before there was an SFAS -- shortly after when dinosaurs roamed the earth -- and your "branch" (Army talk for job manager) had to give permission for an officer to even apply for Special Forces training and assignment. There were the usual hard pass/fail physical and psych and security clearance hurdles, but ultimately a candidate ended up sitting in a hard backed chair at a place called Smoke Bomb Hill face to face with a Colonel -- not smiling -- who asked:

"What is the mission of the United States Army Special Forces?"

"What can you offer that demonstrates your ability to conduct that mission?"

And so I ask you the same questions.
Those are some heavy questions. Been thinking about them all day. Thanks for forcing me to look inwards.
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