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Master Sergeant Roy P Benavidez

Hoping some of you knew Roy when he was in the 5th Group and MACV-SOG.

Anyway, the family and friends of the late CMOH recipient are trying to get a school named after him in his "home town" of El Campo, Texas. I am proud to say that he was a great friend to me and I want badly for this to happen.

Roy was born in Cuero, TX but considered El Campo to be his home and his family still lives here today.

After all of the things that have been named for Roy, nothing in his home town carries his name and we want the Middle School here to be named after him since that was the last school that Roy attended.

If you would care to write a letter to our local paper it will get printed and people will read it and I think it would help to move this effort along.

Go to https://leader-news-dot-com.bloxcms....s/submit_news/ and fill in the information there and tell the citizens and School Board members what you think.

El Campo has produced a number of Green Berets or Special Forces Soldiers and we're proud of them and all of you.

Jeffery Mc Clatchy, Jr was a Specialist Five, FOB 3, CCN, MACV-SOG, 5TH SF GROUP who unfortunately was KIA 03/01/1968.

Jack E. Reed from El Campo was in the 5th SF.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you.
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