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MAJ Jere Riggs was a NG on AD. He was the one who notified me of my RIF status at the Pan Am Dive Club. Found out later that he is now deceased (from his son who is/was currently a LTC in the Indiana NG). As for LTC Owen, I was advised (after I PCS'd back to the States) that he had falsified making jumps to qualify for jump pay ... apparently he had developed a fear of heights and didn't want to jump anymore, but didn't want to leave Group either. That's second hand information, but from a reliable source.

Gary A. Riggs


(Retired, US Army Sep 1988)

WKU Class of 1958

Completed tours of duty in Laos and Vietnam as a Special Forces Detachment Commander and Advisor to the 14th ARVAN Regiment

Company and Battalion Commander 8th Special Forces Group, Panama

Professor of Military Science, Army ROTC Western Kentucky University 1975-1978 Commander, Special Forces Schools Training Command, Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Commander - U.S. Military Group, Venezuela

Commander, Third Brigade, Second Region (ROTC) Fort Knox, Kentucky

Legion of Merit

Bronze Star Medal with 6 Oak Leaf Clusters
On 30 June 1972, Lieutenant Colonel Tom Owens was the commander of Company A, 8th Special Forces Group (Airborne) and became the first commander of the 3rd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne). When he retired his company guidon, he exchanged it for the colors of this Special Forces battalion. Additionally, he assumed the responsibilities of carrying on the traditions of his 8th Special Forces Group (Airborne) predecessors and set the standard for other commanders to follow

Are we talking about the same guys?
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