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Originally Posted by zdect View Post
I arrived at Gulick in late March of 69 initially assigned to A Co with MAJ Riggs as its Cdr and SGM Burly as Co SGM. Later I became S3 of B1 and then Asst S3 for Tng for the Group. MAJ Huskey was the 3 and SGM Cliette was the section SGM. I believe he is still alive close to Bragg as LTC. What a guy! I also served in A Co when LTC Korchek was its Cdr. Many, many years later I had the honor of having dinner with COL Owen who was the Group's XO when I was in the 3 shop. The Group SGM was CSM Childers (RIP) Have many great memories of COL's Felder and Dexter and many very fine NCO's. CPT Hampton was my close friend who served in B Co.
MAJ Jere Riggs was a NG on AD. He was the one who notified me of my RIF status at the Pan Am Dive Club. Found out later that he is now deceased (from his son who is/was currently a LTC in the Indiana NG). As for LTC Owen, I was advised (after I PCS'd back to the States) that he had falsified making jumps to qualify for jump pay ... apparently he had developed a fear of heights and didn't want to jump anymore, but didn't want to leave Group either. That's second hand information, but from a reliable source.

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