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Brand new AR

I apologize for not creating a new thread, but since this was supposed to be everything you need to know about the m4 I thought this was an appropriate place to ask a question.

I've been on the fence about it for awhile and I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase an AR. Upper and lower receivers are BCM, as soon as the hand guards come in I'll put a picture of it in the gun thread for critique

I'm honestly a little embarrassed that I don't know, but seeing as how this is a brand new, never been fired rifle ; are there any precautions I should take before, during, and after firing outside of the normal cleaning and lubricating? The charging handle seems pretty rough to pull and I feel like it sounds like there's more metal on metal contact that I'd like, but I'm assuming that's because it only has the light coat that it was shipped in and I have yet to apply a coat of CLP.

Maybe I'm thinking too much like an engine (with all the internal compression), but the first time I take her out to zero and shoot should I stop off after a X rounds or so? Kind of thinking along the lines of how you should keep the RPMs in a vehicle down until after a certain mileage to let all the internals to settle. Then again I might be over analyzing and all that might be required is the same regular maintenance taught back in basic. I fully appreciate any guidance.

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