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This post is outstanding........ Wet Dog for POTUS in 2012..........

Big Teddy
No. According to the last SITREP, too many skeletons in closet that are kicking, some still wearing duct tape. But an interesting idea, the non-professional politician. We've all seen the results of the average guy who runs, (i.e., Congressmen, Senators, Govenors). Some have been retired doctors, working actors, comedians, pro-wrestlers. A new generation of elected officials are now retired soldiers, sailors, and airmen, and at every turn, they are beaten down. It's a tough environment, those who have done well, seemed to have been in a perfect storm to just have things go well. Well, its been awhile since anything has just gone well, and it will be awhile before they do. What we need, and appears to be coming our way, are the young guns politicos turning and burning the late night candle to define the problem and direct staffers to execute.

I like what I see in some of the new junior politicians, time will tell how they truely perform, and under what conditions we weigh in on their careers.

I think Richard would make a good POTUS, TR as V. President, but god help our enemies if Team Sergeant was Sec of Defense.

Be we have other threads for political discussions.

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