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wet dog
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"This has been a paid advertisement for the 'Wet Dog For A New Pack' campaign. All commemorative 'Wet Dog' merchandise, to include: dog bowls, dog collars and canine menus; as well as all leash commands, herding techniques, retrieving commands, hunting TTPs, litter training tips, puppy-rearing plans, sheep-biting guides, wolf-slaughtering programs, chicken-stealing ideas, cat-harassment enterprises, and rare mineral digging rights, are the sole proprietary ownership of Wet Dog and may not be copied, scanned, recorded, photographed, sketched, memorized, considered, thought about, or even envisioned, without the express consent of Wet Dog or the 'Wet Dog For A New Pack' campaign committee."

"All the poop and piddle stains and destroyed property are some other dog's"

Vote: WET DOG!!
You're killing me brother, but maybe we should have someone here at start with the art work, (t-shirts, dog bowls, window stickers, etc.).

No, really, I'm just kidding.....
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