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Originally Posted by Badger52 View Post
Yes, no saint there but thought the references on ethnic issues interesting. And, yeah; curious that last omission.
I have to admit to being a “bit” biased.

Specifically against most everything, bar scientific intellectual capital, that came out of the former Soviet Union.

The bias continues with ethnic/genetic Ukrainian lineage and formal university study.

But even with all that, I’m still seriously confused at times.

I am at best just an interested historical tourist.

Orlov’s points on the Baltic states could also be viewed as ammunition supporting a reinvigorated Russian intervention.

I’ve never been to Estonia, but I know a few Estonians well, have read deeply about their digital state, and have visited the Estonian embassy(a nook in the Finnish embassy) in Canberra to receive my “e-residency”.

My sense is that Estonia is doing a decent job, that they are a truly future focused small nation, and that they are working hard(with US/NATO support) to disrupt Russian efforts to bring the Baltics back under Putin’s mafia curtain.

I would love to get some personal ground truth in Ukraine and the Baltics.
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