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UPDATE: Two explosions in Phuket, 3rd bomb disarmed

Two bomb explosions in Patong, third found bomb found

PHUKET: Two bombs exploded In Patong this morning (Aug 12), the first close to the police box on Bangla Rd the second at Loma Park. A third Bomb has also been found outside the Baan Thai Hotel.

Notes for those not familiar with the area:

Phuket is an island connected by bridge to the mainland. Patong is the main tourist town on Phuket. When people talk about going to Phuket, they usually mean Patong.

The hotel where the 3rd bomb was found is about a block, maybe two, from the dive shop I use when visiting there. Bangla Road is the main bar/party area for foreign tourists in Patong. There are quite a few bars owned by, and patronized by Australians on Bangla Road. Phuket International Airport (HKT) has direct flights to and from Sydney.
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