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Operation Aruba is Calling

At first I thought, this just gets dumber or it is another Duffleblog. But no, when training is already under-funded, our bloated Federal budget is a joke of program and discretionary spend that is woefully out of date, elected officials spend more time raising campaign money than doing their jobs, they have time to meet and discuss asinine ideas? But then.. it makes sense. Lower standards, better locations. After all, we can't risk sending sub standard combat troops to military hot spots, but what about to civilian hot spots? Those cocktails can be lethal and navigating the bar scene comes with its own hazards.

Aruba? Genius.

Too bad I passed the age limit. I could really stand to deploy to Aruba for a while.

Sometimes, being female can really pay off. Must go train and get a fake birth certificate. Hope I get credit for prior service and keep some rank.

The two easiest things to spend; someone else's time and someone else's money.
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