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I received a few PMs from others on this question on my luck of picking this up while on Sandhill. Currently on week 18 and on a Sandhill pass and figured this would be a great way to provide this information.

I was fortunately able to switch over to 18x while here. The liaison came down to our CTA asked for volunteers and came back a few hours later with the volunteer statement.

It was a super seamless process. As long as your GT is 110+ and your APFT is 270+ you will be in position to pick one up. The liaisons will usually come by your CTA around week(s) 13-15. They are incredibly helpful and very willing to provide any information, very professional. I kept my drill sergeants informed of my interest, enough for them to be aware, but not enough to annoy. Closed mouths don’t get fed, in my opinion.

I hope this helps a few of you guys having trouble picking up the 18x from your recruiter.

All the best!
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