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Had my heart yanked the other day, was finally able to sign. Signed an 18x, liasons at MEPS were pumped for me, recruiters were pumped, it was an awesome day. I got home and around three hours later I was called and told the contract wasnt approved by component and I had to sign an 11x. Although this was initially what I thought Id have to sign it still sucked a bit. I was suppose to leave in Jan with her the 18x but will now leave at the end of October with the 11x, Ill be pounding the pavement and do 6 weeks of an eight week selection train up.

That being said, Im thankful Im finally joining the Army. Either way I will try my best to speak with the SF liaisons on sand hill or volunteer for RASP and make the best out of it.

Thanks again for providing this resource.
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