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Originally Posted by Tandem View Post
I canít help but think Iím far from the only one going through this type of situation. That being said, not everyone looking to join the Army is as driven as the men on these boards, so it would be interesting to see the amount or % of recruits or contacts lost due to timeline issues.
You're not the only one going through this type of situation, I'm right here with you. Last year I re-enlisted and passed the hearing test at MEPS, but failed at 30th AG. I was medically discharged and barred from re-enlistment for six months. During those months my recruiter constantly attempted to track down my medical records (needed for a med waiver) they were sent to a company to be digitized and that company essentially told him that they lost them. So my six month bar was up as of March this year and we submitted a request to the National Archive in St. Louis. No progress was made at all until last week my recruiter tells me that he might have access to the paperwork he needs and we may not need the full medical records after all. So now it's June and we could've started this waiver process in March.

With your situation, it doesn't sound like there's much you can do to move things along. Be sure to constantly touch base with your recruiter, he might have your case on the back burner of his mind since the ball is now in MEPS' court. But a two minute phone call from you might prompt him to call up to MEPS to hound them a bit and get your packet moving.
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