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Nabbing 18x While on Sand Hill

Hey guys, tons of awesome information here, have been training, and doing research for roughly two years on the processes and joining etc, but have seen mixed answers on this question.

Currently I am processing in, or trying to process into the Army, I was upfront about having taken ADHD medicine until my sophomore year of high school, thinking that I am 26 and graduated college without it, it should be no big deal, turns out I was wrong. This has now disqualified me from having airborne in my contract, thus disqualifying me from the 18x contract. In hindsight I probably should have just omitted it, however I am comfortable where I am but would like to explore possible options.

I was told the best route would be to take 11x and try to nab an op.40 or 18x while in basic, but I am not sure this is even feasible because I've seen mixed responses online. I was going to make a call to the SF recruiting station on Sand Hill but wasn't sure if that was appropriate so figured I would try to check here first.

I have also looked into exception to policy (ETP) waivers, I think i have a good case for the exception, however I know the Army may think differently. I've read that it has taken a lot for some people obtain ETP waivers, letters from members of congress etc.., so I wasn't sure how frequently, if at all, the Army hands these out.

One of the important factors about SF for me is the language training, I've considered going 35M getting the language training, doing the required 18 months at my first assignment there then going to selection. However I have heard great things about SOPC and that they prepare you quite well (tips and tricks etc) for selection which is why I would really like the 18x.

I appreciate the help gents.

All the best.
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