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Originally Posted by Box View Post
Color me schooled - I did not realize there were notable differences with the Vaquero. I always thought it was just Ruger doing a 'repro' of the SAA.
It sounds like the Vaquero is more of a Blackhawk with a cowboy makeover than SAA built to withstand modern ammo.

I shoot an Uberti Cattleman with a brass trigger guard and back strap (two matching Ubertis actually) to match my Model-66.

I'd really like to find some period correct SAA pistols chambered in 44-40 and a Model-73 to use for "Classic Cowboy" but it seems like every time I find a pistol chambered in 44-40 is priced waaaaaaaay outside of my recreational gun budget.
...and I need TWO of them
You're assumption about the Vaquero's construction is correct; it's the reason you can run Keith-like 45 Colt loads through it.

For awhile on a whim I had an Uberti SAA rendering in 44 Winchester Central (or Center depending upon which early notes one sees) Fire and a matching Model 92 carbine. Slight PITA loading, taking care of the brass, but it was a real hoot and checked my little kid box, having a sixgun and carbine both in the same caliber. Had to tweak the extraction/ejection functions on the Model 92 so as not to beat up my brass so bad, but after I did it ran like a turpentined cat. Took a big doe with that carbine too come to think of it... Good enough for the Duke.
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