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Originally Posted by Utah Bob View Post
Much more robust than Col. Coltís design.


Looks like I wonít get much shooting done in the future though. Our club just lost the range.
I agree completely on the mechanics of the design. Poofy loads are one thing, but my 3-1/2" also regulary throws 275gr. hardcast 'Keith' SWC's in front of a stout load of 2400. The old SAA doesn't like a diet like that.

Sorry to hear about the range, truly. One of the 2 I'm a member at (the nearest one naturally) is temporarily closed as a battle is fought with the RR. The range has been there since before the Army Air Corps adopted a monoplane, and the railroad brought a holding spur up nearby a few years ago for the sand mine and one of their employees doesn't "feel safe" occasionally. The fight goes on; it's another way they attack.

@cbtengr That is REALLY nice work.
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