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Okay, the Vaquero is not a modern day Colt. It is a highly improved single action. Stainless steel, coil spring, floating pin, etc. Much more robust than Col. Colt’s design. I have been shooting a pair of them in 45 Colt in Cowboy Matches for 20 years. An old Sheriff’s model and a newer model with a 4 3/4” bbl. They are tough And their companion is a Marlin CB94. No need to pair a modern design Vaquero with a 66 or 73 Winchester at all. Now if you were shooting for instance a Uberti Single Action Army clone and wanted to be historically correct that would be another matter.
I do shoot an 1860 Henry in 44-40 for fun. Very accurate but pretty heavy. Looks like I won’t get much shooting done in the future though. Our club just lost the range.
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