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Seeking G2 on Sri Lanka (Business and Security)

Hey folks,

Our company's growing, so we're considering setting up an IT operations team in Sri Lanka, I would greatly value any direct intel, or recommended intel sources, (friends, colleagues, websites, etc) that anyone may have, both business environment wise in general, as well as security info if you have it.

We've got a lot of local knowledge flowing our way, but you can never tell how much of it also considers our foreign perspective.

We're considering Sri Lanka for two main reasons
- Although we trade in North America, and Europe, the majority of our revenue comes from Asia / Pacific, so Sri Lanka is well located.
- Since the end of the civil war in 2009, the country has moved mountains both legislatively and infrastructure wise to become more foreign investment friendly, so it has been scoring top of the charts on the various "Business Processing Outsource" rankings. Yet it still only has a small yet growing foreign business community.
- Our Operations Manager is Sri Lankan, and well connected there.

Any info / thoughts / questions welcome.


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