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Originally Posted by 35NCO View Post
I just wanted to give a big thanks for this post! I just completed the Barrett M82A1/M107 LE/MIL armorers course at NRA HQ . Excellent course with a great instructor (Don, Barrett's head armorer and trainer). Only cost to me was the hotel and drive. It was indeed luck of the draw, but an overall great experience with an awesome variety of students. I learned more about the Barrett than I ever thought possible or expected. I am now officially factory certified by Barrett for 3 years. As I am sure there are already a few on this board, I feel confident that I can now answer/discuss any Barrett related questions if it comes up. Thanks again!
wait a sec....we must have been in the same class!!!

Yea, the NRA course is no-bs solid. I got Glock, SIG P series, ICP Active Threat First Responder, and of course, the Barrett M107. Don is good guy for sure. That Barrett was surprisingly simple!
Just sign up and once you're picked, link up with Tim, go over your credential and he can set you up well. I'm signing up for some of the precision rifle, shotgun, pistol LE instructor courses too.
The classes have been great networking place too as I've met folks from various SWAT agencies, police special unit in VA, NCIS, various proving grounds armorer, DIA, secret service, and other alphabet soup ones

Quick tip for the range to win bets/beers, you can increase accuracy of the M107 (say, 3MOA to 2MOA) by simply hand loading each cartridge in.

and oh, you're welcome 35NCO
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