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I get the paperwork thing WRT to having 17 boxes vice 3-4, but it works for us and honestly, it can be mitigated pretty easily. Contributing to that is the fact that we only have one Bravo on our team and he's a buck sergeant so there is a little bit of "this is what my TL / TS want me to do so I'm going to do it" dynamic going on.

I've sub-signed our entire property book to the senior 18B/C/D/F/E, who it turn sub-signs it the ODA members, as appropriate. The weapons are a little tricker with the whole arms room situation when we are back at FCCO. I still think it's better than the ball'o'rifles-in-the-Toughbox solution that we had when I showed up.

If we could get our hands on some of the bigger Pelican cases we would make use of them, but it's hard to get money to buy pencils right now so I don't see it happening for us. Thank God JCETs are still around or we would have run out of batteries and SSSC long ago.
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