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Keavin Lawdermilk AKA kevin wise AKA Special Forces MASTER SERGEANT

Keavin Lawdermilk AKA kevin wise AKA Special Forces MASTER SERGEANT

Hi Keavin L Lawdermilk, you've now attracted my attention and the attention of hundreds of "REAL" Special Forces soldiers from around the world.

Kevin Wise, combat wounded Special Forces Master Sergeant, Your scamming days are at an end; we know who you are and what state you reside in.

You have been scamming Hollywood for years using our title, (and my title) “Special Forces Master Sergeant”. Those days are now coming to a close.

You are a bottom feeder of the worst type, a liar and a total fraud. (Your fake bio and whom you've scammed follows this post.)

To everyone reading this; please feel free to copy all of it and send it to anyone you wish.

Team Sergeant

Actual true name determined to be:
Name: Keavin L. Lawdermilk
Full Name: Keavin Lee Lawdermilk
Kevin Lawdermilk
Keavin Lowdermilk
Keavin Wise
Kevin Wise
MSGT Keavin Lawdermilk
MSGT Keavin Wise

Military Service claims by subject

Keavin Lawdermilk, aka Keavin Wise has claimed the following about his “military career”
He has been a soldier for 27 years
He has been in Special Forces for 17 years
He was shot in the leg while in Iraq (during Desert Storm) Also recently (a year ago) had surgery on the leg.
Deployed twice to Afghanistan and four times to Iraq
Currently is a Master Sergeant with Special Forces
• Subject: wears 1st Special Forces flash on Green Beret
• Wears US Army Special Forces shoulder sleeve insignia with Airborne and the Special Forces tag above on left sleeve
• Also wears Combat Infantryman badge, Master Parachutist patch and Air Assault patch on left chest; rank badge (MSgt.) on chest.
Claimed Unit(s):
• Company A, 1st Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group, Fort Lewis, WA (Jan 2006)
• Also claims he was: Called to report to Fort Bragg July 2007 (as MSgt Keavin Wise) to be instructor at the US Army Special Forces Training Center to teach the Special Forces Qualification Course and also the Escape and Evasion Course.
• Then was to go the Yuma, AZ to teach the HALO Course in mid-Aug (2007).
• Fort Benning, GA (8/2007??)
• Camp Victory, Baghdad (Nov. 2007)
Has referred to himself as:
• Keavin Lawdermilk in 2006,
MSG, 1st Special Forces Group
• Keavin Wise in 2007.
• MSG Keavin Wise
Special Forces ODA 045 “Team Texas”
• MSG Keavin “Six” Wise
1st Special Forces Group/ODA 045
Fort Bragg, NC
• MSG Keavin “Six” Wise
Team Sergeant/ODA-045
Camp Victory, Baghdad Iraq

NOTE: ODA – 045 is incorrect claim for 1st Special Forces. ODA 045 is 10th SF

NOTE: Subject sent a full color photo of himself in uniform stating that this was his new “official Special Forces photograph” taken by an “official” army photographer when he reported to Fort Bragg to teach the Special Forces courses. It is not Army practice to photograph soldiers when the report to a duty post. And the photo was obviously an effort by him to make it look like an “official” military photo. (Photo is attached)

Additional Claims and Statements about his “military service/career”

In earlier printed statements (advertising for his autograph company), the subject, using both the name Keavin Lawdermilk and also Keavin Wise, made following claims:
• Served in US Army as a Military Police Officer.
• Was stationed in Yongson, Seoul, South Korea (1988 - ?)

'Supernatural' Stars Presented with Honorary Coin on Veteran's Day
Saturday, November 17, 2007

On Sunday, November 11, Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki received an Honorary Special Forces coin from Special Forces Soldier Master Sergeant Kevin Wise. The two actors were the special guests at Creation Entertainment's "Salute to Supernatural and Buffy/Angel," a convention held in Schaumburg, Illinois that was attended by numerous show fans, one of whom is Wise.

While on stage with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, Wise told the crowd that the first two seasons of Supernatural are the most requested DVDs among armed forces personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan. Wise also said that Warner Brothers Entertainment, Inc. and Kripke Entertainment, Inc. are shipping 3,000 DVDs to the soldiers stationed in such areas.
Wise also explained that there are currently five active Special Forces Groups, one of which has its own unique coin. Wise, a member of the Special Forces Unit ODA 045 or “Team Texas,” said that in order to get the coin, one must either become a Green Beret or be given one by a Green Beret. Only on rare occasions have civilians been presented with the coin.

Aside from the Special Forces coin, Wise gave Ackles and Padalecki each with a letter of gratitude from General David H. Petraeus, Commander of the Multi-National Force in Iraq.

In turn, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki gave Wise a copy of a shooting script, autographed by the cast and crew of Supernatural.

While the presentation proved touching for both the actors and the crowd, the day was also riddled with a lot of humorous antics from Ackles and Padalecki. The boys, who play brothers onscreen, spent most of their time on stage joking around with each other while answering queries from the fans.

At one point, Ackles went up on stage wearing a t-shirt with Padalecki's picture, prompting his costar to say, “I have never been more attracted to your torso, Jensen.”

My name is Master Sergeant Keavin Lawdermilk. We met briefly at the previous ORC 2006 Pasadena Convention. First let me say what a wonderful time I had at my first convention with Creation Entertainment. Yourself, your staff, and all your volunteers were great.
Upon returning from Iraq recently I was injured, and still walking with the assistance of a cane. Everyone associated with Creation Entertainment assisted me in not having to stand for long periods of time (in the photo-ops & autograph lines). It was very much appreciated.
I cannot say enough about your invited guests. Mr. Sean Astin & Mr. Elijah Wood were both attentive and caring. Generally caring about the United States Military and our injured veterans (like myself). Being invited on stage at the end of their appearance together was fantastic, and unexpected.
Your official photographer (Chris) was also very nice, and his photographs are "top-notch." What I have written to you, I have also written to (they were kind enough to post my letter on their website) and to NewLine Cinema.
At this time I am planning on attending the upcoming SCI-FI Grand Slam Convention (Pasadena). I know it will be as exciting and fun as the ORC Convention. Unfortunately, I am scheduled for another surgery for my injured leg in the next week. However, whether I am in a wheel chair, on crutches, or still using a cane, I still plan on being there.
I look forward to not only seeing the wonderful guests, but I also look forward to seeing you, your staff, and your volunteers, that made my first convention one I will never forget. Hope to see you all soon!
MSG Keavin Lawdermilk
Co A, 1st BN, 1st Special Forces Group
Fort Lewis, Washington
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