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1. I was at a friend's house a few weeks ago. He installed security cameras on the outside of his house, which hook up to your wi-fi. They detect motion by a change in percentage of pixels. As soon as the percentage change is detected, a picture is taken, and is immediately e-mailed to your address.

I believe this service costs $5-10 per month for a subscription to a domain.

2. Booby traps are instant criminal liability for you, even inside your house. Dismiss the idea.

3. There is nothing wrong with calling local law enforcement now, telling them what happened, and giving them the guy's name. Quite possibly, he has a criminal record. Never hurts to check. Cops can accomplish a lot with background checks.

4. A good dog is a hell of a deterrent. I have a large bird dog, with a huge bark. Nobody comes to the door and knocks without some serious barking going on. Not many bad guys want to risk a dog attack to steal your crap.
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