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Originally Posted by 72_Wilderness
TR, I said it works sort of, sorry I wasn't more clear. I was meaning that it would work for cutting through wood, rope, and other such related things. I see your point about the cleaning of game.

I am still alive.
If you mean like actual in-the-field experience, it would be safe to say that you have done more than I have.
As far as my training goes, I can proudly say that I earned the Wilderness Survival Merit badge through the Boy Scouts of America and I have read parts of an Air Force Survival Manual. I know it is nothing compared to what you have been thruogh and have been taught and learned, but it is a good start; don't you think?
I think if I was a 17 year old, I would be lurking here unless I had some expertise or knowledge that would be valuable. I certainly would not argue survival with an experienced SF soldier.

I would not walk around my house without a knife in my pocket, much less attempt an extended survival period without one. I would love to see you get by in the woods for 60 days without one though.

I think that you are fairly well trained for 17, in this day and age. Most of those here who grew up in a rural area 30 or 40 years ago could teach you a lot, if you would listen.

Think about it.

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