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Originally Posted by kgoerz View Post
Please don't ban me for this ridicules question, there's a reason

Has anyone ever used Magnets to secure a tool like a breaching shotgun, firing device.....etc. to their kit.
Yes, but I haven't used it personally. It was for a breaching shotgun in lieu of the standard methods. The gun is still on a pig tail to you but the rare earth magnet is sewn inside of a piece of nylon that attaches to your carrier via molle. I'll dig through my book marks as I may still have the website saved. If I find it I will post it.

The problem with rare earth magnets is they do attract small pieces of metal and shit if you do any rolling around outside or have other metal objects by them, like sitting in a bird or next to your buddy's kit or in a vehicle. My concern with the shotgun is that a serious sprint/movement might be enough to cause it to come loose then you end up getting beat to death by the gun as you're running/moving to your next position.

I've actually found that the bungee cords used to secure the tarps to those ceremony events tents with the big plastic ball on one end work well for securing shotguns and other items if you route them through the molle. It takes a bit more to re-secure it after use one handed quickly than the old J hook retainers but it's a lot cheaper and takes up less space on your kit.
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