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Originally Posted by Penn View Post
I edit the intro to argue the fact more succinctly.

An example of intent is item 13. Build out a 1000 bed hospital in 6 days. From an organizational dynamics stand point the scope of that project and marshaling the material and personnel is months in the making, lining up all your ducks.

They were prepared to execute, they knew the possible outcomes and the need, and the PR value of seemingly caring for their countrymen the in eyes of the world. Add it feeds into the plausible deniability feature of their strategy.
I would push back on this one a bit, for the following reasons:

1) In the hardware business, itís very common to go from paper design to hardware prototype in a single day in China. The speed is strikingly remarkable in an economy optimised for physical goods manufacturing.

2) China has built prefab skyscrapers in remarkably short periods of times(like days, rather than years).

3) After the Battle of the Coral Sea, and in preparation of the decisive Battle of Midway based on Magic intercepts, the USS Yorktown was turned around from a half sunk wreck into a combat capable platform in 3 days.

It wasnít pretty, but it was just good enough, just in time.

Are we giving too much weight towards premeditation here and not enough weight towards The Will To Win?

The former is less uncomfortable to ponder than the latter isnít it?
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