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My wife joins COSTCO for a year every few years and goes crazy stocking up on staples and personal hygiene stuff so we are well stocked with shower gel and TP. What surprised her on her recent trip to the grocery store and Walmart was that liquid detergent and dishwasher detergent was sold out. That's one thing we didn't stock up on. We will from now on.

One other thing is distilled water was sold out along with bottled drinking water. That is a big problem for us since our electricity comes from 24 flooded lead acid batteries and they get thirsty in the summer. Another lessoned learned! We do have plenty of gasoline in jerry cans for the 5.5k Generac portable gennie and the auto back-up gennie is propane.

ETA: We also have a 3.5k Champion gennie (which can run the house) and an EU2000i Honda generator (which can't).
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