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Originally Posted by Penn View Post

Can you be more specific.

Points of interest are the attempts to penetrate the security of Mar a Lago prerelease of virus.

Pompano remarks.

PR campaign by China with a worked/media ready narrative.
PR Campaign by the MSM to shutter as the only option, with the additional narrative of mismanagement. Morphing, as the administration gains control, to an expanded narrative that putting the country back to work by 4/12 is shortsighted again exampling mismanagement.

How does crushing the economy benefit the Dem's, other then a possible retake of government, if they inherit a crushed economy, are they looking at FDR redo? And, is it possible all these events, including the behavior of Dem leadership, possibly orchestrated, by a conjoined agenda with China vis v The MSM, WHO +China?
I mean left of phase 1 UW OPB type stuff....this phase you would prepare the targeted country with PSYOP's and other methods to assess the support of the operation and/or energize a resistance movements will....PSYOP would begin with radio stations, newspapers, information campaigns etc...then assess the effects and adjust prior to putting [people on the ground for an infiltration....without getting to far into it.....the Chinese in this phase are studying the effects the virus has caused to the infrastructure of western nations specifically the U.S. obviously for them the specific goal is the focal point which seems to be economic.

The Chinese have had their way with the U.S. economy since Clinton started trade deals with them though at the time dealing with them was IIRC forbidden due to their human rights violations the time the Chinese were of no threat to western society today they are THE threat and they did this under the noses of Democrats as they were helped along. Trump is the first POTUS to put American interest first and put his foot down with China for over 25 years of course the Chinese want to see him gone in 2020 they also aren't stupid and see another 4 yrs being probable....the operations to damage Trump climaxing with this is of no real fact the only real surprise is that China is getting much more bang for their buck out of this.

As far as the slimy politicians called Democrats they seem to be half towards pure socialism....there goal is always dependence on the state going back to the end of slavery, FDR New Deal which started the dependence on government when Social Security began then forward to LBJ's full on welfare reform which wrecked the family when men were replaced as fathers for welfare, womens rights that has seem 60.000.000 + state sponsored murders/abortions since Roe v Wade etc.....the Democrats are moving towards total state dependence as opposed to American independence and resiliency, they have sponsored campaign of fear and panic after campaign of fear and panic for generations the last 2 subjects they have exploited have been global warming and free healthcare(more state dependence pandering).....the Democrats are not letting this opportunity to try and stop Trump for 2020 go it is too good and they are true to their slimy tasteless character are making moves to take advantage as we write this.....economic collapse does not worry the Dems in fact I believe they are so desperate to stop Trump they are willing to see our economy tank just to win 2020....this would be a two fold gift the old Dems do not really want but the younger generation believe in....and that is near total state dependence and the socialism they dream of
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