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Originally Posted by Paslode View Post
The news ended a bit ago with a short presentation with the John Hopkins Map (I believe) giving the growth stats of the Corona Virus since the news earlier in the day. I think it went from 311k to 331k world wide and they had to mention that the US had the 3rd highest death toll without mentioning what the percentage is compared to the overall population. No mention of how many have recovered from Corona, also no mention of the Flu numbers, nor a comparison of the Flu and Corona numbers.

Concerns over PPE, Test Kits, ICU Beds and Ventilators.

Doom porn start to finish.

Not to divert the topic, but how the hell do you have test kits readily available for a virus you do not know exists?
Exactly the golden questions that must be asked of the 8 alleged treatments the Chinese have and the testing kits being fielded so quickly.....the Democrats has started to move on this opportunity I see when Pelosi announced that the Democrats would be proposing a relief package not we the government not bipartisan which it started out as....lets also remember Chuck Schumer also has a proposal on behalf of the Democrats
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