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Yarbourgh on TV?

We've been watching a reality survival TV series on the History Ch. called Alone. It's a Les Stroud style DIY videoed program where 10 people are dropped in a remote area and left until they 'tap out' via sat phone. They have to lug around their own camera gear and record their day.

We're watching Season 5 in Mongolia and one of the cast is, supposedly, an SF guy. Since so many 'reality show' SF and SoF guys turn out the be fakes I was suspicious. But, early on, this guy actually ate a snake!

In Episode 5 he was eating Pine inner bark. It looked like he was stripping it with his Yarbrough. I didn't get a good look but it did seem to give some credence to the guy's creds. His name is Jesse Bosdell.

Good show, Even beats Survivorman. On Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.
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