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Originally Posted by FishOnHisHead View Post
I have a REP-63 contract and just finished basic training. During the last weeks of BCT I developed an inguinal hernia. I decided to push through it until AIT because I knew during my recovery time at AIT I would have access to my phone and access to a gym to properly heal. I also didn’t want to risk being chartered in BCT. I am currently in hold before my AIT starts (88m) and awaiting my consultation with the surgeon to hopefully get my surgery scheduled and over with. Today I was told that I will need a waiver to pass my airborne physical before being shipped to Benning. I was curious if anyone has had any experience with this type of issue or if anyone has any insights.

Fish on his head.
I can't speak to the military question but I've had two different inguinal hernia surgeries and can be some help there. My first one was in 1991 and the surgeon performed what he called the Canadian procedure. It consisted of actually repairing the muscle. (It's the kind that Rand Paul went to Canada to have done). The recovery took a long time since exercise was limited and eventually the muscle had to be stretched out again. That sucked!

The second one was just a couple of years ago. The surgeon suggested mesh this time. There are at least 2 types of mesh, fabric and metal. She used fabric. The immediate recovery period there was no pain at all. I was able to lift and exercise in a much shorter period of time. Nine months later I was in the ER for a blocked intestine. The bowel had hook the mesh and, as I healed, it the flipped shutting off the flow. They had to remove 2.5 inches of intestine. Two years later I still have pain and my gut is still distended at bit and I feel bloated. I'm going back for another eval after the holidays.

BLUF: Do your homework! There should be some docs adding info shortly but I wanted to give you some first hand patient experience. Good luck!
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