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Originally Posted by Los Osos 4 Life View Post

Figured i'd give an update on this thread, just in case any others are looking for answers.

In my SOF Captain's Career Course class (2019), we have two prior service guys. One from 5th group. He did not have to repeat SFAS. He submitted his packet and PCS'ed from his last duty station directly to Fort Bragg to start SOF CCC. He will not have to re-do language. All students (prior service and non-prior service) will have the option to test out of language, and PCS to their assigned Group after Robin Sage.

I speak with him often. As we enter the Qualification Course, I will update on if they have to re-do the SUT/UW/FID portion. Thank you.
Not entirely true, Language will be assigned on needs of the Group's and shortage of qualified CPT's. All CPT's will do both FID/UW based on it being part of the Officer pipeline until changed by the Command.
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