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Originally Posted by 2018commo View Post
I think Baltimore needs to trade Manny for a couple of bats, or perhaps a coach. Buck is about to run out of string.
Talk is that Buck will move to the front office after this season. His, along with Manny's contracts are up after this year.

Worst situation for them is to be "close" to MAYBE a second wildcard spot and they keep Manny and he just walks at the end of the year and they get nothing out of it.

Baltimore keeps pulling in pitching off of the scrap heap and single-dimensional offensive players (big bats, high strikeout rate). They could rework things around the 20-somethings (Mancini, Schoop and Bundy) but after that 14 year drought nobody has the stomach to go through a real rebuild. The Farm isn't growing much for them but I don't think they're going to have a choice.
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