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K - Do not know if USSOCOM has dropped it only that is the word at USASOC. You are correct, they did get into some hands. Problem is that the project should have ended long ago and almost did several times. The users were split on the weapon some liked it with some complaints on ergonomics and some hated it. I believe some did make it to the zone but I do not have any first hand knowledge of the results.

I do know that several years ago USASOC had a cow because we had gotten our hands on a couple. Our comments were not appreciated but they did make a few changes based on the complaints of the reciprocating bolt handle and some of the attaching points. Not enough, evidently to save the project.

We had both the light and heavy on the range and again some was OK with it and some hated it. While the heavy was not a sniper rifle and was never intended for anything but a battle rifle, it had accuracy and reliability problems. The sniper rifle never made it past development and initial testing. The guys that tested it said that it did hold well but the ergonomics sucked. There was not enough testing time to check on reliability and repeatability.

Make quick take on the debacle. Had they listened to the shooters early in th game and not tried to save a program without user input, it may have worked. My biggest complaint is this, why change systems if it is not a large step into better then we have, and not just another design of the same old same old? The SCAR was not a technological leap, hell it was not even a baby step.

Hey K, why don't you stop by the old range and see the new that is going on, I think you will like it. I have a new sniper simulator that is 50 meters long but will simulate 800 meters with live ammo, wind, altitude, live action scenarios videos and still in the beta version. Do a stop by if you get a chance. I am assuming you are playing here in NC.
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