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Originally Posted by Golf1echo View Post
I Understand what you said, don't really know any riggers.

For miscellaneous and the real deal try:
I enjoy working with them as they are straight forward and professional.

My original 550 cord supply has changed if you decide you want new I have a few
others for future use....get use to that change thing in textiles

For fabrics not sure what you might use but have good contacts now and some materials in bulk .

Lowy is a good place when prototyping, when you get something solid you'll want some more affordable sources:

Bally Ribbon being one:

You can catch some odds and ends just by checking different places periodically, I think "Sportsman's Guide" has some para cord in their military surplus section.

The challenge is buying the right quantity for the right price. 5,000 yd fabric runs go for $25,000.00 and up. It is getting more challenging finding mil spec rolled goods but they are out there.

Lots more happy to help.
Much oblige on the info. I actually have all those links you posted bookmarked in my computer since I've ordered materials from them at one time or another. As for fabrics, my usual go-to source is Rockywoods Outdoor Fabrics in Loveland, CO. I've known the family who owns the business for 20 years. They started out small, mainly with domestic, household fabrics, and are now filling out a wide range of customer orders of durable fabrics, from private/small prototype-ers such as myself, to huge government/military contracts. They're good people. I almost always check with them first and if they don't have what I'm looking for, then I start going through my bookmarks until I find the materials in question.

Honestly, using old, genuine static lines is not a "must" but a "like to have" in the design.
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