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Need a rigger POC


I'm coming up with a new concept based off a Jerry-rig an old VN-era paratrooper friend cooked up. He used old static lines from his hunting/outfitting business in his rig and we thought it would be kinda cool to keep that bit of paratrooper nostalgia as a regular component of my design. Yes, it's essentially just tubular nylon, but it's significantly more robust than standard tubular webbing.

I've reached out to former colleagues back in group if they can hit up their riggers for any/all of their old static lines. I would imagine there are quite a lot of them lying around after getting replaced for the slightest blemish in this day and age of "Safety first". My use for them will not involve life-saving purposes but rather a component of a harness for recovering/securing small riverine watercraft.
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