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Originally Posted by BrokenSwitch View Post
As an Israeli citizen, I do not share your optimism.
BrokenSwitch, I think the biggest take away of my studies in Southern Africa...

...particularly after reading 'So Far and No Further', which covers in detail the political and diplomatic wrangling between the Rhodesian PM, British PM Harold Wilson, various other Western powers and the UN... that relying on the 'West' and the UN to acquiesce to peace terms means the destruction of the forces of advanced civilization, Law and Order and Capitalism...and the victory of very dark, malevolent forces.

The track record is clear on that...

Having been to your country many times, that lesson seems to be well known by the Israelis.

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Patrin, I'll put some thoughts down on this as time and concentration permits and post soonest.
Roger that, my friend...take your time.
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