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Guymullins, I don't mean to detract from your message, but Israel already saw this movie:

Originally Posted by Guymullins View Post
Had the Jews fought a war against the terrorist PLO, Hamas and others instead of negotiating a settlement, the rest of the world would not have stood for it. We were already under pressure from the West. The East were overtly on the side of the Arabs and other terrorists. We were on a hiding to nothing.
The only way that the West would realise what evil they were supporting is to see and witness it in action.
This has happened over the last 23* years. When the PLO, probably at the next National election, attempt to hold onto power illegally, the time will have arrived where decent people, Arabs and Jews can use any means to throw the evil ones out.
It is possible that the West will now allow what they denied us all those years ago when they took the side of terrorists. The West has also now experienced terrorism and are perhaps more sympathetic to our cause.
* For the sake of this conversation, I'm only counting from Oslo, when the PLO was "recognized" as a governing body. Really, you could start counting as far back as you'd like, whether it be the Hevron Massacre in 1929, or the PLO being chartered in 1964.

Meanwhile, Mahmoud Abbas is in the 12th year of his 4-year term.

As an Israeli citizen, I do not share your optimism.
"All that is thought should not be said, all that is said should not be written, all that is written should not be published, all that is published should not be read."
--The Kotzker Rebbe

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