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Rhodesia has been a big study of mine for the last 4 years. It used too consume most my leisurely reading.

I've read one book relating to SA, non-military, but from a former South African citizen: Into the Cannibal's Pot.

In that reading, reading what you wrote above, do you or other South Africans wish you could have settled things another way?

I recall a quote I read from a SA general in the 90's, paraphrasing, "We could take the country in a day, but what would we do afterward?"

Jumping back to Rhodesia on a similar sentiment...

Watching interviews of Rhodesian General Peter Walls, I sense regret that, at the time of the 1980 elections, the RDF had plans to wipe out the ZANU / ZAPU that had entered into the the best of their ability that is...assassinate Mugabe, Nkomo, etc....but didn't in the end for fear of world outrage.

Back to SA....would it have been better to have just fought it out, when at least the levers of force were in Afrikaners hands, rather than settle?

Perhaps the outcome of such a decision would have been disastrous, as the Rhodesians very well thought.

However, when I read about the theft, rape, murder...subjugation rather than reconciliation...of anyone or anything European, both in Rhodesia and SA, I admit to thinking that fighting to the death would have been preferable.

I have no doubt that the Marxist forces here in the USA, masquerading as democrats, would be no less devilish to those of us on the opposing side, and will strip our country to it's bones.

Rhodesia and SA are the "canaries in the coalmine" so far as I'm concerned on what the rest of the world would like to see done to the West, and to America.

Replacing Judeo-Christian based Capitalist Civilization with Global Marxism.

(I don't ask this question in any sort of judgement, just what your thoughts are)
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